Get spacerized! Raise your blower out of the valve covers & set your ride apart for less than a decent carburetor would cost you with this 4" aircraft quality aluminum intake manifold spacer plate. This is a trick piece, polished, heat treated and weight relieved. Bigger is better and now you don't have to buy an expensive gutted boat intercooler to do it... When you space your supercharger up it makes a huge difference on the "WOW" effect! I tried shorter, I tried taller and wasn't happy with either. This spacer sets your blower height just right, acting like a big heat sink. You will notice your motor running better than ever!

Get Spacerized!!

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Get your Blower Spacer, HERE, from the original makers! Our product was the first made and has been quality tested with hundreds of satisfied customers.  Order here, order now and receive your spacer safely and quickly! 

"Hi Ronnie

The spacer certainly gave us visual impact with out the cost of a custom sheetmetal  item, performance I feel was up we did put a little more fuel in the engine all in all I was very happy. The addition of a burst plate on the front which you will see on my pixs gave the spacer a race look and obviously serves its purpose. Hopefully get time to get some pix this weekend."

 Cheers Adam Utley

Perth, Australia

Did we mention increased horsepower? Check out one of our DYNOmite tests done here:

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Adam Utley's AMC Rambler with OUR spacer installed